Reward Points Policy


Store credits can be used as cash when you are shopping with us online.★

 (*Only Haesoo.L members can receive & use store credit.)

-1 credit is equivalent to $1 and can be used to deduct the final price of your purchase.

-Receive $2 in store credit when you sign up.

-You can earn 2% of store credit for each purchase you make on Haesoo.L official website.

(The pending reward point will be added to your account after 14 days of purchase when the delivery is complete.)

-Store credit can be redeemed on any purchase equal to or greater than $45.45.

-Purchases made with store credit will be given partial credit.

(The percentage of discount from the purchase will be deducted from the percentage of store credit given)

-If you have Haesoo.L credits, you can use them like cash to get discounts. 

-Receive store credits by writing a review of the items you purchased.

(To confirm your identity, you must have a membership and log in to write a review.)

$1 Credit: Text review of 1 item

$2 Credits: Text and Photo review of 1 item


-Store credit and coupons are non-transferrable to other members.

-Store credit and coupons will be automatically deleted if you close down your membership account.

-Store credit for cancelled orders will be deducted from the customer's account.


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